European Girls’ Olympiad
in Informatics

The Netherlands • 21 - 27 July 2024

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European Girls’ Olympiad in Informatics

This high level scientific programming contest for high school girls from around the world will be held in The Netherlands between 21-27 July 2024.

Our goal is to identify and motivate talented young women to pursue an education and career in maths and informatics. EGOI is similar to well-established competitions such as the International Olympiad in Informatics (IOI) and the CEOI (Central European Olympiad in Informatics). However, participants must be female or non-binary. This includes transgender girls and women.

EGOI 2024 will be held in Veldhoven (near Eindhoven). We expect about 25-30 European teams
and approximately 20-25 teams from the rest of the world, for a total of 180-200 competitors.

Join Our Organisation

There are several tasks that should be done to make sure this event becomes an unforgettable journey for the participants. Therefore, we are looking for volunteers that would like to be part of the EGOI 2024 event in Veldhoven, The Netherlands.

You can contribute as a guide, photographer, or speaker, regardless of your programming experience.

Join us in supporting this event!