EGOI 2024

About EGOI 2024

The EGOI aims to promote female participation and excellence in the field of informatics by providing a platform for talented female students to showcase their skills and compete at an international level. Participants from various countries worldwide come together to solve challenging programming problems during the Olympiad.

Similar to other programming competitions, participants are typically required to solve a series of algorithmic and problem-solving tasks within a given time frame. The competition not only fosters technical skills but also encourages teamwork, critical thinking, and creativity.

The EGOI plays a crucial role in encouraging more women to pursue careers in computer science and related fields, where women are often underrepresented. By providing a supportive and competitive environment, the EGOI aims to inspire and empower young women to excel in the field of informatics.


Encouragement to participate
The stereotype of Computer Science being a men-only profession persists. Many young
women do not even consider this field, even though they have talent and would enjoy it. This is where our competition comes in: girls who may not have the courage to participate at an Olympiad in Informatics feel included and directly addressed, enabling them to find the self confidence to participate.

Introduce female role models
The participants will get to know female Computer Scientists and can meet female role
models from a variety of different situations. This is important, as most attachment figures are
male (e.g. teachers, professors, Computer Science stars).

Raise awareness among teachers
By educating teachers, they can explicitly encourage young women to participate.

Strengthen self-confidence and acceptance
One goal is for women in Computer Science to utilise and develop their full potential. To
achieve this, young women need a sense of achievement, self-confidence, and acceptance. We hope to promote these aspects with the competition. We want to highlight the outstanding careers and accomplishments to which young women can successfully aspire.