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In summer 2024, Veldhoven, The Netherlands will be hosting the European Girls’ Olympiad in Informatics (EGOI), a week-long international competition designed for young women interested in computer science. EGOI aims to provide a platform for these young women to actively engage with and deepen their interest in the field. In addition to solving algorithmically challenging problems, participants will also have the opportunity to socialise and connect with each other through various activities.

Are you interested in contributing to the success of this event? Absolutely! There are multiple ways to get involved, regardless of your programming experience. You can become a guide, accompanying the participants throughout the event and sharing in their experiences. Alternatively, you can volunteer as a photographer or even take on the role of a conferencier, speaking at ceremonies. Your contribution as a volunteer or guide is valuable, regardless of your level of programming expertise.

Join us now by sending an email to: info@egoi2024.nl